Hi! I'm Marius

I am a researcher in the Computer Science department at West University of Timișoara and a graphic designer working on various projects. I am based in Romania.
I am passionate about what I do and I am always eager to pursue new opportunities.

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Research interests

I have recently completed a study on the movement and evolution of clouds using mimetic algorithms and image analysis techniques on satellite imagery. My research covered topics such as motion vectors , neural networks, optical flow, wind mapping, flocking behavior, and time series prediction.

I am currently involved in a project that uses Tesseract OCR technology to transliterate old Romanian documents written in an alphabet from the transition period. The objective of this project is to develop an OCR model that can automate the process of transliteration and offer it as a service. This project presents an opportunity to utilize innovative technology in a unique way.

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Creative portfolio

I am passionate about graphic design and photo-video editing, and I enjoy working on branding projects, creating short video promotions, and designing book layouts. I strive to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic in all of my works.

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